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Elon Musk's Entry Into The HVAC Industry?

Time for change? Elon Musk definitely thinks so.

His Master Plan

As part of his infamous "master plan", his first part, arguably his most famous and notable, is his creation of accessible electric cars. Part 2 of his plan included solar power and the accessibility of solar roofs and battery storage. This third part focuses on creating what he calls a "sustainable energy civilization". The final step for this part 3 involves heat pumps!

Now, it's no wonder that the environmentally-friendly billionaire is so interested in heat pumps for their low energy usage and efficiency. He's even gone so far as to incorporate heat pumps into his cars by default.

Heat Pumps in Part 3

His part 3 was presented in Tesla's 2023 Investor Day in which Drew Baglino, Musk's co-presenter, stated that "Heat pumps can serve heat applications up to 200°C in businesses and industry and from an investment perspective, it's actually the lowest hanging fruit in terms of displacing fossil fuels…in all the homes, businesses, and industry that we can...From an end-use efficiency perspective, there's a three times reduction in the total energy required to heat these buildings [with a heat pump], so it’s a really obvious thing to do.”

Tesla, SpaceX, HVAC...

While we associate Musk with electric cars and space shuttles, it'll be interesting to see his entry to creating residential HVAC equipment!

If you'd like to learn more about Elon Musk's interest in heat pump technology, click the link below:

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