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$300,000 In Savings?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Recently, a local library in Westfield, NJ has been able to fully upgrade its nearly 35-year-old HVAC system with the help of PSE&G!

Earlier this year, the Westfield Memorial Library closed its doors for roughly 10 weeks to replace its major HVAC systems after a failure with the heating system. The library's HVAC equipment has not had an upgrade since its initial installation during the building's construction back in 1988! After having used that same equipment for nearly double its life expectancy, the heating failure was the final nail in the coffin that prompted the library to partner with PSE&G and invest in the full replacement of its major HVAC systems!


With PSE&G's "Direct Install" program under their "Clean Energy Future" energy efficiency program, the library was able to boast a whopping $300,000 in savings for the project! With these savings, the building was able to get its long overdue heating and cooling upgrade after numerous unsuccessful attempts and proposals to fund the improvements in the past.

What Can Yuhan Do For You?

In regards to the "Direct Install" program, although the program is exclusively for non-residential locations, we here at Yuhan Heating & Cooling want to provide similar opportunities to our residential customers.

With PSE&G's "Instant Rebate" and "0% Interest Financing" programs, residential homeowners have the opportunity to fund their own upgrade projects, albeit under different circumstances. Even though the savings may not be as substantial as our example here, the program similarly provides financial assistance to homeowners through interest-free financing and rebate incentives for replacements costing up to $25,000! We've partnered with PSE&G to provide these opportunities to you, our customer, and help you get that upgrade you've been needing for your home! If you're looking to replace your old HVAC systems and you are a PSE&G customer, don't hesitate and call Yuhan Heating & Cooling today to book an appointment for a free estimate!

If you would like to read the full article regarding Westfield Memorial Library, please visit the link below:

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